New Services for 2022: Personnel & Job Search, Biz Plan Development, REsume Review, Marketing Material Assessment & More

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We are a national sales training, international keynote speaking and award-winning sales coaching organization for the Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Professional Services Industries. Our practice focuses on educational workshops, private one-on-one sales coaching/training, keynote addresses, group sales training/coaching, webinars, conference calls, recorded materials, Zoom, Skype, social media, and written materials.

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Our Services

Sales Training

Today's fast paced sales world is moving quicker than ever, and you need to be fluent in the newest cutting-edge sales training available. Unlock your potential by understanding the value of Human Dynamics.

Sales Coaching

Imaging working one-on-one or in your small group with one of the nation's premier sales professionals talking about you! Your problems, your issues, your concerns, and you actually leave with solutions.

Keynote Speaking

You've rented the facility, you've booked the rooms, and you have sales reps from all over the country flying in to what you have billed as the greatest sales training event ever - and the keynote speaker leaves you flat. This time call Don Zavis, and prepare to be "enter-trained."

Business Plan Development

So many business leaders understand conceptually the importance of a longer-term plan but simply do not know where to start. Clients of Don Zavis Sales Training have an advantage because of our network and strategic partner resources. If planning is not your strong suit, give us a call and we can provide you with a no obligation review of your current plan, or if you do not have one yet, we can help you get started.

Resume Review

If you are not totally comfortable that your resume has what it takes to transcend Applicant Tracking Systems and “breakthrough” the electronic barriers, we at Don Zavis Sales Training can help. Our clients have access to resume writers that will give honest and fruitful document reviews including the all-important cover letters that most companies want to see.

Job Descriptions

Many times, managers do not attract the right players in the industry because their published job descriptions do not target the appropriate talent that they need. Don Zavis Sales Training clients have access to professional tools that aligns candidates’ thinking with that which is required for the job. Well-written position descriptions can also help you in creating improved content for advertising and job boards. Let us help with all your job description needs!

Job Placement

Are you looking for a new opportunity for 2021? Don Zavis Sales Training clients can take advantage of our NEW service assisting clients to find their dream job. Our extensive network of business leaders provides us a unique ability to know where new opportunities exist and how to navigate your way through the maze and get accepted.

Personnel Search

Not meeting your goals? Maybe you do not have a strong enough team. Don Zavis Sales Training assists its clients in talent acquisition and development. If you plan to be expanding your staff this year or replacing poor performers, give us a call. We can Help with your Talent Optimization needs!

Marketing Materials Assessment

Questioning whether or not your business cards, brochures, banners or other materials are actually helping you in your sales efforts? Clients of Don Zavis Sales Training have access to a variety of marketing experts to assist you in the creation and development of the most professional and effective collateral materials in the business. Call us for details!

DZST Job Board

Do you have an open position to fill? Or are you looking for your dream job or business affiliation?  Call us for details on how we can help you make that connection!

DZST Marketplace

We can help you sell your services or products by utilizing our vast network of DZST clients and affiliates. Or if you are looking for a product or service, we will help you get it. Call us for details!

Meeting facilitation

There are many instances in which internal obstacles never seem to get resolved due to personality differences, leadership struggles, intraoffice politics et cetera.


Don Zavis Sales Training provides third party facilitations for groups, both large and

small, that need to iron out internal problems with goal setting issues, communication

concerns, vision and mission creation as well as value system identification and much


Business Builder Program

Our comprehensive sales training program now includes:

  • Weekly live classroom training
  • Monthly Personal one-on-one coaching
  • Weekly walk-in coaching office hours
  • Accountability partnerships
  • Daily sales tips
  • Online archived training
  • Live weekly online broadcast

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Our Experience


  • Sandler Selling Institute
  • Langevin Systems: How to Influence People & Events; Professional Presentation Skills; Successful Training Manager; Advanced Instruction & Design; Training Manager & Director; Advanced Instructional Techniques
  • Pace Associates Advanced Speed Reading Skills
  • Franklin Covey Focus Management Techniques


  • Sandler Selling Systems
  • Assessed
  • TTI Success Insights Assessed
  • Objective Management Group
  • Devine Core Development Assessed
  • Kurlan Sales Quotient Assessed
  • Extended DISC Personal Analysis
  • Predictive Index Assessed
  • The "Achiever" Assessed


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