Enrique C. Feldman

Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur

Enrique is a Brain Fitness and Business Coach, International Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur who’s influence is worldwide. His highlights include:

  • Founder and Director of Learning, Global Learning Foundation
  • Founder, iBG®, Intellectual Brainwave Games
  • CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Co-Founder, Sumerian®, Inaudible Tone Tech
  • Author of “Living Like a Child”
  • CEO, Co-Founder, Sam the Ant® Children’s Book Series
  • Former Band Director, University of Arizona Pride of AZ Marching Band
  • Former Band Director, University of Arizona Basketball Pep Band
  • Former Professor of Music and Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Prolific Speaker, Coach, and Performing Artist in U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe,India, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Enrique’s passion is helping others thrive in business and life. From his work with large corporate companies to local businesses, he is known for improving how both individuals and organizations function, improve productivity, and elevate morale. As the Founder of the Global Learning Foundation in 2000, he is a recognized leader in how human beings can evolve. As the Founder of iBG® brain games, he is also a recognized leader in Brain Fitness, which offers his clients an innovative way to improve all aspects of their professional and personal success. Enrique has presented numerous keynotes and workshops for organizations; from national entities such as ILA, NAEYC and NAFCC, many state and regional organizations such as Local First Arizona, NCAEYC, NYAEYC, and thousands of local workshops for organizations like Local First Arizona, the University of Arizona, and Pima Community College. Enrique fosters sustainable, organic and research-based and evidence-based learning models which develop the potential of his clients and their organization.

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